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Community Driven Solutions for Veterans, National Guard members, Reservists and their Families

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Building a Network of Veterans Resources

The Veteran Community Network of Central Virginia (VCNCV) is a Community Veteran Engagement Board and serves as a liaison between Veterans and local resources. We aren't here to create more resources, because we know an abundance of them already exist. Instead, we're here to build a network of veteran-friendly organizations, so that we can point Veterans and their families to the right direction for support, depending on their needs.

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Take Action with the VCN of Central Va.

If you want to support Veterans, the military, and their families in the greater Richmond and Tri-Cities area, we hope to partner with you. 

What types of resources are we looking for? 

We partner with organizations that offer many areas of care and support — behavioral health, transitions, employment, housing, just to name a few.


Our goal is to build a comprehensive network of partners that addresses a variety of needs so that all Veterans, the military, and their families can get connected with the right resources.

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